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01. Review and Analysis

We evaluate your current state and project portfolio with minimal disruption to business or your team(s).

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Our proposals are based on best practices and grounded in the state of maturity of your business or technology team.

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Our two special ingredients added to every engagement: We use only the most qualified, experienced people who have been there and done that – multiple times AND we focus on the details that really matter.


Neal Lassila

Neal Lassila is a seasoned senior technology executive, spending 22 years in numerous leadership roles at The Walt Disney Company including as CIO of Disney Global Retail and as CTO of Disney Consumer Products.

After Neal’s long history of successes at Disney, Neal launched a new kind of Digital Agency focused on Customer Experiences for Global Brands – named Fresh Juice Global.

As Fresh Juice’s CEO, Neal led with an  audacious vision: Since it’s launch in 2012, Fresh Juice won several award for design, delivery and business results.

Neal sold his stake in Fresh Juice Global in 2017 in preparation for new and exciting opportunities in the innovative technologies in the ground breaking areas and practical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Blockchain solutions.

Neal is best known for his unique creativity in the use and delivery of experiential design and solutions, strengths in consumer experiences, and a holistic approach to technology delivery and results.

Neal is a named inventor on three (3) Disney patents and actively participates on the Ventura (California) YMCA Board of Directors and leader for the Ventura Botanical Gardens.

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